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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Preliminary shots of Lucketts!!

More to come.....just wanted to share some of what I finished today.......I will post more soon!!! Great vendors at the show......I will try to get some pictures of some of the wonderful vendors at Lucketts!!! Come visit this weekend May 19th and 20th!!!!


  1. I'll be rushing to your booth first! I gotta have that mirror!!!!

    1. So Happy you got it!!!! Thanks for coming to see me! I will see ya tomorrow.......xoxoxo

    2. You must think I am CRAZY!! For some reason....I thought it was you that got it......Sorry, But, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You for your past SWEET post!!! xoxoxox Pam

  2. I thought you need to hit,75 follow'rs when you have such great stuff. Love the look of your Booth and the Faith signage I would love...

  3. Thanks Bunches!!!! It is a GREAT show!!!