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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


WOW...........we had a fantastic day!! Here are some shots of "SPRING"!!  Having Jeff from THE ROUND TOP COLLECTION was a HUGE HONOR and it was such fun having him join us!!


  1. looks do you find time for all of this...I am working on my stuff for upcoming event Marta and Friends...O boy have so much to work on....I love all the pics and you did a wonderful job. I am working on my new Blog...calling it kat's kalamities...I made a wedding cake that took almost 3 days ...since I was figuring out each your look

  2. Help with displays? Are you kidding me, girl you don't need any help. OMG, I don't know where to start, it's all just gorgeous. Actually, why not load it all up in a trailer and bring it to Texas!

  3. Fantastic photos, Pam! I'm sorry now that we arrived so late in the day, because I see many treasures in the pics that were long gone by time we arrived. But it was wonderful to see you, and to meet Jeff. And there were two slices of cake left, one of which was missing after I walked by....mmmmmm.... :-) What a great event.

  4. This is Kathryn from kat's kalamities,I need to think of something to send your way,maybe one of my coffee filter roses. You are the first one to leave a message and maybe to read my blog...any idea's let me know...I'm new to this world of Bloggers. I just posted some pics of a dress I did for the upcoming event. I told Marta from crafty Marta,for the love of Junk,to take pic's of the Blue Bonnetts and post..she makes some of the best fun stuff too.