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Monday, January 2, 2012

                             HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Looking back at the last quarter of the year......and feeling so BLESSED!!  

                      Featured in ROMANTIC HOMES!

                          Won a Blue Ribbon at
                           the Bizarre Bazaar for
                         MOST ARTISTIC BOOTH!

                   WON THE ROUND TOP BEST

                                 NO DOUBT.......
                GOD IS LOOKING OUT FOR ME!!!
 I know that these things did not come without loads of hard work......

                                THANK YOU to all that
helped me accomplish all of this.....without you all.....well I don't want to think about that!  

            My Prayer is that all of these things will bring in
of people who will get a chance to also see all of our Hard Working, Talented Vendors that we have at our Antique Mall!!!

       Because not only did I accomplish "GREAT THINGS"
Though The Garden Gate Antiques also had its BEST YEAR 
                          since opening in Nov. 2006!!!!!!!!

                     Looking forward to seeing what is in
                                  "STORE" for 2012!!!!


One of the "SWEET" girls that works with me.......she is always helping keep me on my toes......made this "FANTASTIC" memory for me......a framed artistic collage
           of my feature in ROMANTIC HOMES!!!       
                      THANK YOU MICKI LEA!!!


  1. You are very talented! It is great to be able to do what you do well and what you enjoy!! I have been to your shop a lot! Not sure but may have bought some of your things at 2frogs on a bike? several years ago:) I just took one of my friends to see your whole shop and antique mall:) So fun to shop there AND inspirational:)
    Have a happy day!

  2. Thank You so much! Next time you come in.....let me know
    ! Hope to see you soon!!! xoxoxoxox Pam